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LEX DIES!!!!!!!!

imagine what an asshole I'd be if that was real?

Being Canadian I was lucky enough to watch the season finale last night (yay Canada eh?) and well... the end kinda confused me. When the end credits popped up I actually said out loud "Whaaaaat?. It wasn't the actual the story that confused me but the fact that it left Lex still in forefront of the show. I thought Michael Rosenbaum (Lex) was leaving? Without actually spoiling the ending I'll just say that Lex is a big part of the cliffhanger they end the show with. How will they continue this story without Lex? I hope they don't plan on replacing Lex with another actor.


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Fu*k man, i was thinking the same think! What the hell happened here?

Does anybody have any information on the next season?


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Sorry not on ext season yet. But i have an eve bigger concern.

Thy've created a massive plot hole in the Superman mythos. All of you who've been blessd with seeing the finale will know what i mean.

How can they come back from that and expect the story to bleed cleanly into the original movie plots. Which i believe is the main objective of prequel spin off's.

Any ideas, comments or over the counter drugs to ease the pain in my head would be appreciated.



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Smallville has always been good on amnesia... so it won't be a problem tongue


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They may use the ol' time travel story again ( e.g. when clark told lana and the were all happy till she dies)

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I'm considered by most of my friends to be a weather beaten old cynic but maybe it's because of my nearly 50 year love of the comic book super heroe genre and deep deep deep down being something of a romantic that Smallville really got under my skin and despite the inevitability, due to the Superman mythos, of seeing Clark, yet again, losing Lana I'm not ashamed to admit that it really did tug at the old heartstrings. Perhaps there's hope for me yet LOL.

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what a TERRIBLE finale!!

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