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Topic: Michael Weston the star of the House "spinoff"?

So new spin off for house... good news or bad idea??

'Stalker alert! Sources confirm to me exclusively that Michael Weston, best known as Michael C. Hall's psychotic pursuer on Six Feet Under, is in advanced talks to appear on House next season in a multi-episode arc that could lead to his own spinoff.

But, as I reported last week in Ask Ausiello, the actor — also well remembered as Mariska Hargitay's long-lost bro on Law & Order: SVU — won't exactly be scrubbing in next to the show's title crab: He'll be playing a private eye. So it's probably a good bet that the potential offshoot would look more like Magnum P.I. than House 2.0.

Fox will wait to see if Weston catches on in the role before deciding whether or not to move forward with the spin-off. (No pressure though, dude!)

In any event, what do you think of this development? Are the suits smart to invite Weston to the House party? Or would you have preferred to see one of the series' regulars spun off — and if so, which one(s)? Debate, discuss, dicker. Not necessarily in that order.

Taken from EZTV. Sourced from TVguide.com

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Re: Michael Weston the star of the House "spinoff"?

yeah saw this on there too.
cant say in too happy about it, not a big fan of his but maybe with some good writing he could be alright.