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Who watched 4x15? I thought it was rather surreal!

Re: 4x15 (probably spoilers)

It was the best episode of S4 so far IMO, even though the whole House-gets-really-sick-in-the-season-finale thing gets a bit old. But I just hated this season, so it's good to get some good old House back.


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Re: 4x15 (probably spoilers)

It was such a great ep! I like where house is goin. The fact that he may actually like someone for real this time. It may enable Hugh to open up the character loads.

On another note... Brief interview with Jesse Spencer (Chase) … /800039054

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Re: 4x15 (probably spoilers)

I can only say that I totally agree! This one was the best so far is Season 4. It has been sort of.... boring so far, and of course it heats up just as the season ends.... Now what??! AARGGHH...

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