Topic: Future movie

.. This is a long, long way away from happening or even being sketched on a cocktail napkin, but it's worth noting. There are rumors that the idea of a The Walking Dead feature film, based on the show and not the comics, is being bandied about by those with the power to make it happen. The idea would be to—maybe—wrap things up for the series in movie theaters once the television run ends. This obviously makes sense for a million reasons (999,999 of them being zombies!), but the show's gotta end first. And the way the series is performing, AMC likely has no intentions of ending it until well into the 2000-teens. [Bloody Disgusting] … ture-film/

surely too early to discus we have a few seasons to run on this show i would have thought?

Re: Future movie

isnt it standard to have a movie after the series ended now?