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Because of this (thanks Homie) I started listening to Just†ice and they are pretty amazing. Besides Helix, my favorites are Civilization (although from the second album I only like that and Helix), D.A.N.C.E. (kickass music video) and Phantom, both parts.

Yes, it's electronic music. Deal with it.

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haven't heard the other songs yet, gonna check them out when i'm back from work

Justice - Civilization - OFFICIAL VIDEO

And electronic music is great besides Daft Punk, i also like Pendulum and Celldweller

Celldweller - Own little World
Celldweller - Frozen
Celldweller - Birthright (Deluxe Edition)
Celldweller - I believe You
Celldweller - Switchback (2001 Remix)

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As of Civilization, the single version is longer than the album verson (?!) and it really makes a difference.