Re: Sloganizer

Life's beautiful with Next-Episode.

Next-Episode - Xtending service.

I quit smoking with Next-Episode. -Wtf?!

Next-Episode, in touch with tomorrow. -Dude, that's actually a pretty good slogan for this page.

There is no life without Next-Episode. -That one is true...

My way is Mxyzptlk.

Mxyzptlk extra dry.

For the love of Mxyzptlk! -Hehe smile

Mxyzptlk is back. -I wonder where I was.....

There's a bit of Mxyzptlk in all of us. -You all know it wink

The queen buys Mxyzptlk -Am I still a whore, if it's for a queen?

When you say Mxyzptlk you've said it all. -I find this rather amusing, since most people can't say Mxyzyptlk tongue


Re: Sloganizer

"It's my Mystery."
"Mystery, your family will love you."
"It's time to think about Mystery."

Turf Wars - Awesome GPS-based mmorpg! PM me for more info or enter FORK if you download it. smile


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One goal, one passion - Dominar.
Naughty little Dominar.
Step into the light with Dominar. - lol

Dominar, where success is at home. - Recognize!

"Au naturel maybe, thats the way i like it. Swing low, sweet chariots." Creed Bratton


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Sounds interesting. I will try it once. thanks for sharing

Jamese Smith


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"You can't stop Vana"
"Vana - play it"
"Vana for president"
"Buy Vana now"

Not just the Spanish maine my love. The entire ocean. The entire world!



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Oh my goddess, it's a Wizard.

Personally, my fav is "Put It On, Before You Put It In"

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


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«Mxy's like heaven.»


Re: Sloganizer

«The original NewKing.»
«NewKing - Think different.»
«The wonder has a name: NewKing.»

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort"


Re: Sloganizer

«There's only one thing in the world I want and that is Keisu.»

«The goddess made Keisu.»

«Keisu strikes back.»

«Keisu - empowering people.»

«Think. Feel. Keisu.»

«Keisu, i want it all.»

«Let your Keisu flow.»

«Keisu, better than sex.»