Topic: 2x01 The North Remembers

Really good start of the season. Some of the old characters are reintroduced and we are reminded of the events at the end of season 1 wich took them were they are now.

I didnt care much for Melisandre in the books but i found her very charming in this episode. Quite sure i will come to enjoy her. I was also nervous about the casting for Stannis  but it looks good so far. Stannis is not an easy role to play since he is a special character but the scene when he was composing the letter made me think it will turn out to be a good casting.
Davos Seaworth was my favourite among the new cast though. In every scene you could see the struggle he was going through regarding his loyalty to King Stannis and the new god he is following under the guidance of Melisandre. Really excellent.

Already anxious for next weeks episode and the new characters that we will get under King Renly so that the clash of kings can start.