Topic: 3x18 - The Murder of One

Nice way to save the originals (and the storyline wink) from dying. And the cliffhanger was nice and unexpected. The rest had some minor flaws. I'm surprised that Caroline didn't react to Alaric wearing the ring again and I was also hoping for some bigger reaction to a large part of the vampire population dying (maybe we'll see some of that in the upcoming episodes). Overall it was a very good episode and it reminded me of TVD's good old days when so much was happening in ~40 minutes. smile

PS. Has anyone else noticed the horrible sound distortions in the 720p release? It's the same problem that's with the Hawaii Five-O episodes this season... someone needs to hire better cappers, because they suck. wink



Re: 3x18 - The Murder of One

I thought this episode was rather predictable, right about the time Bonnie "disappeared"



Re: 3x18 - The Murder of One

The bloodline was the first thing I thought of when the mother was talking to Elena. The episode was alright although I'm starting to miss Kat