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Very interesting episode, some nice twists.

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Highlight of the week!

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Probably one of the best Episodes so far, Story wise wink


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Still I have many questions that I hope won't remain unanswered.




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Great episode.
Am I the only one who thinks Elena should be with Damien rather than the "dick"?

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maccool111 wrote:

Great episode.
Am I the only one who thinks Elena should be with Damien rather than the "dick"?

No you are not.

I have always liked them better as a pair.

Also I read somwhere that the author wanted to take the books in that direction, but the show didn`t like it, and said that if so they wouldn`t follow the show sad


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Didn't someone on here post that the writer was fired because they didn't want Elena/Damien together and that were the publisher's wanted to take the story.

Either way they do have more chemistry together, could be because there dating irl though.

Episode was good I just keep getting surprised by just how much the story keeps progressing faster than I would have thought, I just wish they be out of high-school already, at this point it just a back drop but it be nice when it's not even there.


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http://nowhitenoise.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/11-1024x576.jpg lol

Nice episode story-wise, indeed. One more and I can wait till January. big_smile