Topic: 7x10 - Death's Door *Spoilers*

So the big disturbing question is:

Is Bobby DEAD?
I can't believe what Sera Gamble is doing. It's not like in other CW shows where you have tons of characters(Like in TVD) and you can spare a few here or there. Supernatural is left with Bobby and the guys. So I hate to think she just killed BOBBY.




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Re: 7x10 - Death's Door *Spoilers*

Hes gonna be the Obi-wan to Sam and Dean's Luke.

Ghost Bobby!  lol


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Re: 7x10 - Death's Door *Spoilers*

It doesn't really matter if he dies or becomes a ghost, because both ways SUCK. Idiotic move to focus only on Sam & Dean from now on. They should've killed Bobby a long time ago (even before Castiel) or kept him alive until the series was over if you ask me. I'm slowly leaning towards quitting watching this show... no Castiel, no Impala and now no Bobby. Plus boring Leviathans storyline. Eh. hmm