Topic: Atlantis 420 (possible sporele - warning)

What did you, who've seen this, think of the final scene where the building collapse is viewed from outside.

I thought that it was not as good as the other effects in the episode/series. It seemed like it was done in the 80's with bad stopmotion.

Other than that, it was a good episode. You can see they are building towards the season finale.

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Re: Atlantis 420 (possible sporele - warning)

That was the season finale...

The special effects didn't bother me.

Though I think the episode should of ended when Shepard entered the stasis chamber... As we wouldn't of then known if the city wasn't burnt up etc.



Re: Atlantis 420 (possible sporele - warning)

I agree with halo2.  It should have stopped with the stasis chamber.  The building collapsing was rubbish tho - they could have done better.

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Re: Atlantis 420 (possible sporele - warning)

Would have been awesome to see the earth 48 000 years in the future...:P


Re: Atlantis 420 (possible sporele - warning)

really cool the way ronin died though, i liked his smile to the wraith at the end...  even if he should have said some cool "today is a good day to die" thing wink

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Re: Atlantis 420 (possible sporele - warning)

I loved when the their wraith mate said "INDEED" back to ronon before they died.    Yeah thought the special effects in the whole episode was dodgy even at the start with the sand over the city.  Awesome episode though great way to finish off the season.

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Re: Atlantis 420 (possible sporele - warning)

awesome finish for season finale. can't wait to see what will happen next.

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