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LoL after the scene with the shoes, ionno who's my faverit new girl.  Actually nevermind, i <3 them both ;-)


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Hahaa, pudding is in this episode. XD



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I prefer the one doctor on Breaking In more than in this. Show's ok I guess can't expect to much from it.

Although the new version of 13 I wish would have been there from the start of season 4. Since she came back from prison she's been my favorite when she used to be the one I couldn't stand. Sucks Olivia is off making movies now I liked her and House interactions together.


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True, 13 will be terribly missed. But despite not liking Odette Annable (not even in Breaking In, she just doesn't do it for me) I really enjoyed her messing with the Asian girl. I think I might actually enjoy her character here. And yay for an all-girl team even though it was just for this episode.

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I just like Breaking In it's a fast past comedy not to many of those around. And it took me forever to like 13 I still can't stand Taub and they want me to get to know 2 knew people who at this point I don't care about...I just don't care about anyone on the show anymore now that 13 is gone and House isn't as interesting anymore.