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Topic: Jericho season 2 airdate announced

CBS is finally putting its money where its mouth is, and has announced that Jericho will return to CBS on February 12th in the 10pm Tuesday timeslot currently occupied by Cane. Learn what kind of competition face, what kind of schedule it will have, and then start working to get people watching this fantastic drama series!


What else do I have to say ? Rejoice big_smile




Re: Jericho season 2 airdate announced

These last 5 episodes is how Jericho should have been in season 1. This season so far great viewing and way beyond season 1. Season 1 was just way too slow. I hope this show continues the way it is so far.


Re: Jericho season 2 airdate announced

these last five episodes have been pretty damn intense... and yeah, season 1 WAS a bit of a slow burn, but IMO if all that time hadn't been taken to "set things up" then this payoff would not be so goddam enjoyable... but the best thing about Jericho... the score... a very original and well used "piece", which is something a LOT of tv shows lack [you hear me SGA tongue]... aw man, i'm gonna stop as i feel a gushing rant coming on and i just cannae be arsed... but i gots to say, damn, Hawkins is BADASS... big_smile

on a similar note... is anybody here reading DMZ?

i'm going to eat your brains and gain your memories...