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To speed up the process, there is now a special section on the site for submissions of new shows requests:

Filling the info there is the best way to make sure your show gets added quickly, and to generally help santah with the process. If you requested a new show to be added in the forum (and it still hasn't been done yet) - please take the time and add it in the above form as well.

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And it is very important, that your show has a link like:

If your show is not listed on it can not be added to! To get you show added to fill-out the Add Show form. If you fill out the form accurately, completely, and the show really exists, they seem to have no problem adding shows. If you give them a legitimate e-mail address, they will notify when it is added. After that you can use the link to get the show added here on next-episode wink

After you submitted your show request it will magically added to our database by santah - when he's got a free minute.
Don't push him wink

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