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Cheap cliffhanger for a weak season. Hope Showtime will end it.



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okay.... after that ending i really expected it to be show final



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Orlando wrote:

Cheap cliffhanger for a weak season. Hope Showtime will end it.

I think this has been one of the better seasons since they left the suburbs when this show was still good



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i thought this was the final season... based solely on a podcast years ago saying they were going to do X more seasons, and according to my bad math, this was it... would have been a typically weeds place to end the series, but yeah, a cheap "season" cliffhanger, tho... what's going on..?

i'm going to eat your brains and gain your memories...


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Showtime has not renewed the show for another season yet. So it might as well have been the show's last. But judging by the very very cheap cliffhanger Jenji Kohan at least has plans to continue at least one more season, if not more. Honestly, I wish they had ended it this season. All the characters (except for Shane) were whiny and unsympathetic and I just couldn't bring myself to root for anyone. And the funny has left the show a long time ago ...

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