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kinda boring episode.
but the ending made me think

+ show spoiler

that Mrs. fredricks is using Jinxy as undercover to infiltrate those attackers.

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Re: 3x10 Insatiable

As for your spoiler that was exactly what I was thinking towards the last half of the episode. 2 hour season finale next week or in 2 weeks

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Just watched the episode and came here to post the exact same theory.

What could the warehouse possibly gain by burning Jinx the way they have?  I mean, ruining his credit rating!  WTF?  The only reason I can think of is because they wanted him to seem desperate and easy pickings to turn to the bad guys side.

Re: 3x10 Insatiable

I'm thinking double agent?

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It's fairly obvious that he will be a double agent, yes.  smile