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When a character dies, I should feel something. But, well... This season is such a fucking disaster. At least the ending had nice music.

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but it was an annoying character. I dont get all the complaining about this season, yeah the show is not as good as it used to be but its still watchable, besides no one is forcing you to watch it right?  wink

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So, so true Orlando. This season was really terrible - Sookie stopped being the lead character and instead I felt like Sam became one, which is not bad actually but not only did they do that, they completely destroyed Sookies' parts by introducing those drug-like visions.

I mean it's another season that we know she has some powers and another season they don't even touch on those, plus they started the whole Fairies' theme just to kill it off in the first 2 episodes (thank God) but then they moved into all this mess and to top it up, this must be the first season where they actually didn't 'kill' the main plot line - they must be running out of the ideas! :-((

Shame, the first season was really interesting, then the second was still good but from the 3rd one it all just starts ging downhill and the best part is - one time you wish it was Fox it isn't! ;-P They would kill it long time ago and with HBO, they will continue to make it even when everyone sees the script is more and more boring..

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Running out of ideas? It's based on a book series, with as of now at least 10-11 books. The ideas are there, they just aren't using them properly.

Not just the Spanish maine my love. The entire ocean. The entire world!