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Nnnnnnnnnnooooooooo!!!!! sad If Jason doesn't deliver next week I'm gonna be pissed. tongue

Also - nice coffin riding scene, hilarious Plants vs Zombies cameo (+zombie-Pam big_smile), Andy funny as always, Suuckie at her best, necromancer storyline finally more interesting, not enough Chucky storyline, more pointless Alcid & Lafayette scenes.

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Yeah, Jason better deliver!

A little less Tara, macho werewolf and gay shamans and this show would be perfect!

Where are they going with this Alcid storyline anyways?

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Hehe. It's funny how the persons you don't like in the show aren't that important (or dead), in the book! (Except for the macho werewolf, he's very much there).

Not just the Spanish maine my love. The entire ocean. The entire world!

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hahahah coffin riding scene funniest part of the ep, im still hooked and cant wait for the next episode

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Somehow, humor, plant vs zombies and coffin bull riding, saved the show. That and Sookies titties tongue

Beard makes gay black medium guy looks fatter, I have gay friends complaining tongue

Alcid's stuff is lost on me ... never cared about him, not about to start.

Macho werewolf is annoying, but macho werewolf's girlfriend is hot, so I can go with that ...

And yeah, Jason's better deliver!

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who the fuck is Alcid? you mean Alcide the werewolf?

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