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since Heylia is back in the show .... anybody remebers what happend to her at the end of season3?

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thanks .... found it already but thanks.... i like this season so far not because i think it`s a good season but it looks like it that realy make an efford to answer all the lose endings from the previous seasons

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well yes it would have been better if their have been some big storyark or something like this but honestly i don`t think that Jenji Kohan and the writers expectet the show to stay this long on air.... for a bigger picture like in battlestar for example you have to expect that you have a certain amount of time to show it... i think they expected the show to run for 3 seasons after that they just improvised

anyway season7 makes the strong impression that this will finaly be the last season of weeds and the only reason they picking up the loose endings from previous seasons is because they realy don`t know what else they should do with the show