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If I remember right season 5 by far was the worst season I think that had both the 100th episode that I hated Brianic as Johnathan ghost which was also weak and the Lana desperate for Clark to sleep with her but doesn't cause he got his powers back..I could be wrong about the season though

lol  big_smile  If that's the reason you thought season 5 was the worst, there's no point in discussing anything further.  You're just too funny Rwings.

What about anything of those things were even slightly worth watching, the 100th episode were everything that happen is erased for the 50th time. The dragging out of Clark and Lana relationship to the point you wish they just shoot someone in the head so that way you no longer had to watch all the absurdity that was going on. Lex and Lana being together also happened in the season and that whole storyline was just wrong and never worked for me and it tops of with Lex becoming Zod in the season finale. The only episodes in that season worth watching is Aqu and Cyborg. I liked Brianic but he was the exception to that terrible season.

Seasons in order 3-10-9-2-1-6-4-7-8-5

You can find my views to be funny if you want, but that doesn't stop them from being true.


Re: 10x21 - Finale

I gotta chime in here, i loved the season finale, as ive enjoyed the last few seasons of smallville tremendously.

Ofc its not perfect, and in fact Smallville would never make it past pilot today, it doesnt have the adult edgy sublteys and sensibilities that shows needs to have to get noticed today.

So judging it by modern criteria will always fall short, and comaprisons to earlier seasons are hard, because its always harder to develop a narration as it goes on.

That being said, i wish the big Superman reveal moment where handled better, that they showed it televised and gave it a good reason why ppl would be inspired by him or something like that.

But as always on this show it seems the most spectacular scenes are also the most expensive ones, and so they use them sparingly.

Even showing off superman in all his glory was only done to the absolute miniumum, showing him mostly far away, using slow motion and never milking it.
I get why they did that, and it works.

One thing I DID like very though, was Chloe's final part.

After 10 years... 10 years of wall of wierd, of hiding his identity, of backing him up, investigating and solving the many puzzles, and dealing with the many issues that would arise in their little circle...

...there was no way in HELL a Golden Kryptonite ring is getting past Chloe Sullivan!!!