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Best episode of House in a looooong long time. I can't wait to see what the season finale will bring.


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I soo agree this episode was really good!

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This episode, actually House's surgery, reminded me of a scene in the novel Beat The Reaper by Josh Bazell.

And you can whatever you want about the show, but you can not undermine the quality of Laurie's acting.

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I liked the episode but the previews for next week not so much

I like the Chase/13 part the most of the episode. The House part was just a little wrong the insides of the human body even if fake is the only thing that gross's me out.

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I like the Chase/13 part the best too. The whole episode was just an exercise in very very poor decisions and House's story was just retarded, as was the baby story. Chase/13's story was saved only by them bonding over killing patients and how Chase had to fight 13 (that was a powerful scene). I am all for bad decisions, but they have to be built up properly and understandable - none of these were sad

Also I am getting really tired of the "let's drain the saturation and yank up the contrast from the visuals to signal to the audience that something bad is happening right now." They used it ad nauseum in the episode where Cuddy's mother almost died and it hasn't earned them any favors since ...

"We're on the side of the demons, Chief. We're evil men in the gardens of paradise, sent by the forces of death to spread devastation and destruction wherever we go."
-- Colonel Tigh

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I not sure of the scenes your referring to with the contrast and what not, but the House stuff did seem over the top even for him. I never liked Taub so I skip his stuff or ignore it, in this case I did both.

I really wish we got to see the Chase and 13 talk about how he killed a patient. We know what happen but I still would have like to see the conversation play out since that storyline was good in the episode.

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The reason he did his self-surgery was because he didn't want people to find out what he was doing. He is also lately doing everything himself, taking control in his hands completely and telling people about it.

The scene with Wilson is the point where he realises that can't work. Something he also realised when he was halfway the procedure in his bathtub.

This was for me one of the best, maybe the best House episode ever. Every character did his/her best, the writing was very good and the story very clear. Since I've had minor surgery without anaesthetics myself and I am more of a control freak myself who wants to do everything myself, I could relate to the first part of the episode and it felt very realistic. Nobody can deny this was a very good episode unless they are looking for something this show wasn't meant to show.