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Re: 6x20 - The Man Who Would Be King

That was the best episode for a long time and even better then the awesome previous one. It cleared so many WTF moments and Cas as the main character is at his best. And I so like the Crowley character and how Mark A. Sheppard is playing him. He's one of my favorite recurrent actors in all shows, although he was a little nasty in BSG smile

Damn - now they get this party started big_smile

Too bad we have to wait two weeks for the season finale - but at least it's a double ep and I bet a nice kick-off for season 7 smile

Re: 6x20 - The Man Who Would Be King

Absolutely brilliant episode - can't wait til the finale!

And as for the disappointments earlier in the season - all is forgiven if it carries on like this  big_smile