Topic: Another (good) one bites the dust

Seems that The Chicago Code is the latest of really good cop shows to be cancelled. The Code along with Detroit-187 were in my opinion the very best of the new shows and Human Target gets the bullet as well.
Are all US execs and TV watchers mentally challenged??

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Re: Another (good) one bites the dust

Well, they base their decisions on viewership ratings... and since they're using old techniques to measure them - there's your problem. Seems these days a good show has a bigger chance to survive if it gets picked up by a cable network.

Edit: Oh, shit. I didn't read the FOX press release. Poor BI and HT. sad



Re: Another (good) one bites the dust

Seriously, The Chicago Code is cancelled?! ¨
I never even really watch cop-shows but this I thought was really good!
I'm really not in tune with american TV-execs, they keep cancelling my shows...  sad


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