Topic: 10x20

How can this show not have a spin-off these last two seasons have been something so much better then it's past season and they have so many heroes and villains it could run for years as a POV from a different hero just set in this universe. Tonight's episode just shows they could do so much which I think was the point with there always being villains and him always stopping them when the show goes off.

There should be a Supergirl spin off or just continue with Green Arrow or something...I just feel like they finally found a rhythm to the show that can be continue with a new cast and still work.

If I didn't think Wonder Women wasn't going to go up in flames I would wish that was set in the Smallville universe but that shows going to tank =/.

Oh and the last two minutes is what this shows so good at failing at. Take out those last two minutes and I would say it was a great set-up for the 2hour Final. This show's been down the Clark relationship drama so much over the years that I think everyone is so far past it =/.


Re: 10x20

Indeed, we didn't need the last 2 minutes. It's completly out of Lois character from the last 19 episodes and they built it up that even if Clark goes all in the Superman thing, the Lois/Clark thing was going to work.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a change of heart... bah!

Waiting for the final wich should be awesome but I also think I'll be glad it's finally over.

Myka : You slept with her didn't you ?
Pete : Well... you... you told me to investigate ok ? So... she's unarmed.