Topic: Bones renewed for season 7!


Great news , although not surprising news : Bones returns on fall with a 7th season !




Re: Bones renewed for season 7!

Woot another year with a show that has no direction and story telling that only makes sense if you do a lot of drugs. Whose going to throw the party and will there be hats?

Needless to say I've let this show slip threw the cracks every since that whole Hannah break-up last 8mins happen. I've seen episodes since but my enthusiasm as hit a extreme low with the show that I'm two episodes behind since I just can't bring myself around to watching.

But you know yay for those who still find joy in it.


Re: Bones renewed for season 7!

Crap! This way they'll NEVER get together! hahahahahaa Booth must have the baddest case of blue balls in television nowadays.

Everybody lives, just this once, everybody lives!