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A.P. Bio

This one is pretty funny. Tho stay away, if you have 80 genders and everything else offends you.

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I love this show.

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it is pretty funny, though really cringeworthy at times,  i still watch some episode when i am bored, but i feel that the potential is weaking as the new season continues, if there was any.   i think this should have finished at 1st season.

unlike "the good place" which is a much more amazing comedy wink   that kept getting better with new seasons, somehow. 

but not sure has much room to grow, due to no valid reason for plot twists.

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Imo, The Good Place is as lame as it gets, I watched it as a background noise where you smile once in 20 minutes. S02 still is good in my opinion, love the Lynette character and S02E03 massage chair retrieval episode was properly funny.

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Thanks, saving it for another day.

And thanks for the "The Good Place" pointer! -> … 84#p160484 smile