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Please, no spoilers!

So now that Lucifer has been canceled/ended, and I am almost a full season behind, I was wondering whether the last episode ends in a cliffhanger? I can't stand it when shows end without planning for it.
Anyone watch this to the end yet?

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A. Quit liking shows that get canceled.
B. Man up and watch it.

I refuse to do your dirty work.

If your greatest fear is a show ending on cliffhangers stop watching TV. If you like the show, just watch it and enjoy what you did get.

How many shows do you watch where you are a full season behind? This is not your first request.


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My usual response to people who asks "what happened", is usually "Everyone dies"

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


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Oh, you guys.

It's not really a "cliffhanger".  It's more like "It could easily go on if some other station picks it up but if no one does, I'll still sleep at night".

But I like your response, Wizard.  I think I'll start using it, too.  smile


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Woah. Well excuse me for asking two whole questions in one day. I'll make sure to not post so much in the future.

A: All shows get cancelled, you know?
I'm not about to stop watching TV. What I dislike is when they're unexpectedly canceled, and the writers have literally written a cliffhanger / to be continued into the ending of that series, so I try to avoid those shows if possible. There have been far too many of those, and I have serious problems with not finishing stuff like that.
B: You're just a bundle of joy, aren't you. roll

I don't ask "what happened". I loathe spoilers. However, if someone asks me what happens, I will also always say that everyone or the main protagonists are killed... before telling people to watch the show themselves because I'm not going to spoil it for them. Hence my very particular question big_smile

Thank you. Good to know. That's the best way to end the show smile


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It's a kind of cliffhanger, but the episode is fantastic and they really need to save this show

"city morgue, you kill em, we chill em"


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inkblot wrote:

At worst, you will be disappointed.

Actually, at worst I will seriously suffer for a few weeks knowing that I will never know the continuation of whatever it is that I was invested in. But I do get your point. big_smile

Lucifer is actually one of my favorites that I'm following. It's got great, dark, humor with just the right amount of drama. There are many shows (for example Suits and Scorpion, just to name a couple) that I will not miss when they go away, but Lucifer I will definitely miss.

Oh, and I see that I forgot to answer your question. The answer is 32. There are 32 series that I am currently watching, but am somewhere between half and 1-2 series behind wink


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LOL! You're not the only one, ArniVidar!


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I would also watch the last few eps (I have watched the whole thing), it ties up everything; and it is something to behold the last ep. 

watch it if you like the show, definitely watch it if you love the show


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I had no idea it got cancelled. That really sucks. I enjoyed this season, and I really enjoyed the season (well, series hmm ) finale. You should definitely watch all the episodes you have left!!


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seems there's 2 unaired episodes in the works that will be aired back to back on the 28th of May

https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-ra … eil-Gaiman


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The last two episodes must have been air out of order...?


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My understanding is that those 2 eps were filmed in season 2, but were not run - not sure why, tho.


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To quote the linked article:

The plan had been to save them for the season four before Lucifer was cancelled.

So those two will presumable happen after the ending of Season 3. I'm not too sure how I feel about watching those at all.


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They were very standalone and seemed like fillers.

The second one has a really annoying voice over that put me off.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


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I actually felt the second one acted like a great series finale


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ep 25 aka first special was junk, first time ever i stopped watchin Lucifer in middle of ep, dont even feel like gettig the special 2


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Agree regarding ep 25 but 26 is good , go watch it.


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Heh. Neil Gaiman as god. I liked it!

And, yes, it might have made a good series finale.


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Way to be a dick with the spoiler mad


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ArniVidar wrote:

Way to be a dick with the spoiler mad

I'm so sorry, ArniVidar.  I honestly didn't think it was a spoiler.  It reveals nothing about the plot.

I'll try to be more careful in the future.  sad


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Netflix just picked it up for a 10 ep season 4



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tchala wrote:

Netflix just picked it up for a 10 ep season 4




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