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Topic: The Grand Tour (Amazon)


The show will feature short films shot in different locations around the globe and the studio audience portion of the showcase will also take place at a different location around the world every week. The pre-recorded studio sections of the program will be filmed in front of a live audience, all housed within a giant tent.


So i knew what Top Gear was but never really checked it out, as reality shows are usually not my kind of thing but since The Grand Tour is a fresh start, i wanted to give it a try.

So i wanted to just take a quick peek into the show, as i was already lying in bed at 1am at a week day and ready to sleep. 70 minutes later with a big grin on my face, i have to say it was awesome.

The show seems also to have a huge budget, the intro sequence alone was pretty sick.

This could be a big win for Amazon, but also a costly one, but still i'm pretty sure it could be successfull.


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It was pretty standard top gear episode, the production value was a little bit better, maybe, I don't know. Feeling was the same as Top Gear with the same dudes.

If you are thinking that you want more of that, you should check out Top Gear episodes from the seasons where the same dudes were running the show. (They did went to the amazon show pretty much with the same team, even the sound mic  holder guy was the same)

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But still 100% better then new Top Gear wink

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Maybe even better than the old Top Gear.

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Bigger budget, great camera work, lots of buzzing around the world and even some great motors for petrolheads. Unfortunately the 3 clowns now have total control of the script so what used to be the occasional foray in puerile schoolboy toilet humour is now the norm. The only thing we heard about the Mclaren P1 is that is makes "a bit of poop come out", and we heard it over and over and over again.

Sometimes less is more.

I hope the rest of the series is an improvement.

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just glad to see the trio back together.... and can't wait till they do something that'll get one of 'em or all of 'em killed.  Cause those are simply the best episodes ;-)

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Episode two was tripe. If I want to see paunchy, balding, middle-aged men with arthritic joints behaving age-inappropriately, I can go down the pub with my mates and do it for real! We would have a better selection of cars to look at too.

I hope the rest of the series is more interesting than that.

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6 episodes in and I have to say that I preferred the show they did for the BBC.

They have been given editorial freedom to do the show they want, but instead of improving on Top Gear, they have ditched the better parts of that show, kept the most boring bits and added even more of the juvenile knob gags and gratuitous racism and homophobia.

Disappointed because Clarkson is a great motoring journalist, and May has in the past proved to be an intelligent presenter,  but this is dross.

Ditched from my schedule.

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Hello forum users of this great site.

I have been using this site for many years, but on this I could not sit silent any longer, so let this be my first post.

The Grand Tour is untill now, way better than the original Top Gear........................ This comes from someone that held the original sacred, and saw every episode.

What made the original the best motoring show ever, was exactly what some now criticise getting more of.

Come on people, If you want sophisticated and hardcore motoring tv, then there is plenty of places to get it. This is just fun, garnished with more fun. Juvenile or not.............. And some of us actualy find that funny too

This is just three guys fooling around, wrapped in some fancy cars, and it is darned good entertainment, if you can just accept it for what it is.

It's a winner in my book........

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Sorry but after watching two episodes I cannot watch any more juvenile TV from these three; I've been a Clarkson fan since the very original Top Gear and enjoyed the newer format show when that started but was getting irritated buy the, more and more, childish "stunt" items.
The Grand Tour is those "stunt items" cranked up to ten I'm afraid, and seems to be catering to the "playground humour" element of their viewer base.
Very disappointed in this show, both May and Hammond have shown that they can do so much better without Clarkson, who, in this, has just proved that he cannot.