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Re: New Netflix series Stranger Things

Ratings Results of Interest: While Netflix does not usually release its viewership numbers, when it has the opportunity to brag it certainly takes it. And the streaming service did just that when it revealed on Twitter that the third season of Stranger Things has set viewership records and has been watched by more than 40.7 million household accounts in the first four days following its July 4th premiere. That sets it above any other series or movie on that service, and Netflix also noted that over eighteen million had already watched the entire third season. That streamer has had a tendency to end its shows after three seasons, but Stranger Things will almost certainly stick around longer than that. Each season have become an event and the show likely still draws new subscribers to the service, so expect at least a fourth year from this one if not more. The series creators previously indicated that they envisioned wrapping up the show around its fourth or fifth season.



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Re: New Netflix series Stranger Things

Wizard wrote:

Questions (if you have seen it)...


4. Why was that big Russian walking around trying to look like the Terminator?

Because Stranger things is all about the 80s and Terminator was released in the 80s, so we need a reference to that iconic thing somewhere.
Same goes with the theme song from the movie "neverending story" which was also from the 80s, as was Back to the future and so on and so forth and what not, are you still reading, oh ok then i guess i stop. smile