Topic: State of Affairs cancelled?

Is it cancelled?

The mobile app seems to say so. Internet search provides speculations. Where does next-episode get their information from?


Re: State of Affairs cancelled?

Yea, this doesn't seem 100% certain, but is very likely at this point and reading around for predictions and viewership numbers.

TVRage.com also says it's canceled.

Will update if this changes or someone brings some evidence to the contrary!


Re: State of Affairs cancelled?

darn .. I was sort of enjoying ..

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Re: State of Affairs cancelled?

The show was doomed from the start. It had bad ratings from the beginning, it didn't gather a loyal fanbase (massive viewership drops when eps 2 and 3 aired) and it wasn't praised by the critics like Hannibal to at least get a pity spot on Fridays.



Re: State of Affairs cancelled?

I'm rather bummed, I was just getting into it properly.