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I just tried "The Odd Couple" as I loved the films

The laughter track REALLY put me off so I stopped watching

I love "Big Bang", which also has a laughter but won't stop watching it

Wouldn't comedy be better without cues to the audience that something was "funny"

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It works for some comedies, not for others.  Like you say, BB has one and it works, I imagine Friends wouldn't be the same without it either.

That's the second biggest X I've ever seen.

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Big Bang Theory has a live audience, not a laugh track. It's a much better idea, it also worked in Married with Children and The IT Crowd.

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Laughter tracks are a very cheap way of creating a show.  It's also mainly because most americans are stupid and don't know when to laugh or if a joke has been told.  That's the only reason they are used.

As Xrnzaaas said, Big Bang does has a live audience, however they will still be prompted to laugh with large signs that flash when to do it.  From another forum posting...

"I have been an audience member on shows where we were told ahead of time when to applaud, when to laugh, when to gasp, when to shout, and when to rise to our feet. They didn't use signs because almost every part of the studio was on camera at some point, but the audience response was still tightly managed and choreographed."

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".

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Yeah, Married with Children had a more loose audience. Remember how they cheered Al or Kelly for like 10 seconds? smile Or how in some scenes you could hear that some of the audience was under the influence? tongue

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Either way,I agree laugh tracks should be burned and the ashes shot into the sun,actual reactions as long as they aren't over used are another story(if it fits the show).