Topic: Good Youtube Sources¿

Hello All,

I thought this is a great place to ask smile...

With working 6 days in the week and all I don't have the same free time as i used to have. This makes it hard to see new random content on youtube. I don't have the time anymore to look for new content. I'm looking for a source where i can just go and i'm immediantly up to date with all new must-see-shit on youtube. Maybe some of you guys have a playlist on youtube that you regularly fill with new content? Something like that would be ideal. Cause when it's sunday, I don't want to waste my little free time looking up video's and content. I just want to watch content smile.

Further more, I don't know if you guys are familair with Kodi and it's plugin PseudoTV Live? It makes it possible to make "fake tv channels". I'm building some Youtube tv channels. I can use Youtube Channels, Subscriptions & Playlists for the building of the channels.

So i'm also looking for great suggestions for great Youtube Channels, Subscriptions (That means your username if you have great subscriptions) & Playlists (this could also be playlists made by you!)

Stuff i'm looking for in particular:

- Music (by genre)
- Foreign Music
- The regular stuff where youtube is made for (short comedic clips and shizzle)
- Hidden camera jokes (like justforlaughs)
- Cooking
- Hobby / DIY
- Documentaries / Knowledge
- Game / Movie reviews
- Sports

Stuff i'm also looking for outside of Youtube:
- Reliable 24/7 streams
- You tell me! big_smile