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Since i'm a movie and TV buff, i'm very excited about the upcoming Samsung Gear VR, mobile virtual reality headset, where no cables are needed just a phone to run it.

Of course it's not just for videos and photos and also for games and education but the media part is the most intriguing to me. So for example you are sitting on the moon and watch 2D or 3D movies on a huge screen within a 360° virtual reality world. It's difficult to describe and even harder to show on video but in this video there are two scenes shortly shown (first attempt to show it fails).

One on the moon with a cinema screen and one on stage with a Cirque du Soleil showing. But of course the video can't show the actual depth and scale of what the user can really see when wearing the headset, the screen is huge like a real cinema screen.

You can even watch films on a full IMAX screen in 3D, this might actually kill movie theaters somewhen.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVwNz4_ … e&t=0s



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Very cool. I tried something similar like 15 years ago and was really sad that it never became mainstream. the quality was obviously not as good, but the goggles positioned the image such that when your eyes focused it felt like you were looking at a huge movie theater screen. Hopefully it takes off this time around. It'll really change the personal movie viewing experience. I love this stuff.


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Yeh i really hope that it will take off this time around, it has a lot of potential.



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Gear VR:

Short summary: Mind blown

Long Summary: Holy fucking cow. You can watch your own 2D/3D/360° movies and TV shows (just put them on the SD card) in a live like cinema. Even a true 3D movie without any ghosting while lying down in bed in a comfortable position without any wires. There is even a multiscreen cinema for movies with 48:9 aspect ratio. And also the 360° High-Res panorama photos are just incredible, you think you are really there on mars. i'm speechless.

And mandatory is also a svivelchair, as you can rotate as much as you want without strangling yourself with a cable wink

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeoOCiG … u.be&a