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We need a thread dedicated to the best console on the market!

So those of you who were smart enough to go with the best console, what games are you into right now? Believe the number of games out right now is around 66.

So far enjoying Trials Fusion immensly, and Forza 5 is pretty good though not groundbreaking! Also nice to have FIFA 15 installed ready for release on september 25.

Oh and yeah Minecraft for Xbox ONE, lol - love it, finally started playing it for real as I didn't enjoy it as much on my 360 for some reason - and with the news of Microsoft maybe buying it makes it all sound pretty good to me (texture update anyone?) smile

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I got enough PC games I dont have enough time to play - thank you very much. Haven't owned a console since Sega Mega drive 2 (before that NES and Spectrum ZX). I wouldn't mind having one, but the games are so bloody expensive.


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PS4 rulez. I played exclusively on an Xbox 360 in the past, but since I switched to Sony's console I have no regrets. tongue As for the prices of games mentioned by xzeal, it's not a big issue for me since I like to buy big titles and each game gives me at least 1-2 weeks of fun. And there's PlayStation Plus however I admit that PS4's part of PS+ didn't get any AAA games yet.



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Come on guys, this is an XBOX thread - not flamewars.inc smile

So no one on this forum own an Xbox, this is what I take from this? tongue

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I ended up using my xbox 360 only to stream video to my T.V so haven't rushed into this new gen of consoles.

Last thing I heard was PS4 was significantly out selling the xbox ONE, so much so that Microsoft has just dropped the price of it by $100 to try and get more sales...not a good sign in my eyes.


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My interest in upgrading consoles evaporated when I learned that the PS4 wouldn't have the media server functionality that PS3 had. Same deal for the Xb1 I think.



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Wii U rulez them all!

J/k i'm still rocking a 360 and regular Wii.



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latitude75 wrote:

Come on guys, this is an XBOX thread - not flamewars.inc

uhh... there is a difference?