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santah wrote:

If you're logged out of the site, do the ads load for you?

Are you getting the adblock popup on each page load or does it sometimes show up and sometimes not?

For example on the homepage, if you refresh it 10 times, will you get it 10 times?

It goes through days when it doesn't pop up at all and then suddenly it's back, often reappearing after numerous refreshes.

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Re: Adblock message

Rather than reply to this post:
https://forum.next-episode.net/post.php … qid=166901
and be off-topic in that thread, my musings seem better-placed here...

I don't have an ad-blocker but I have the hosts file from
and I have allowed the NE adverts by allowing some Google (grudgingly!) cookies in my Firefox (64bit, fully updated, no other additives except for "Facebook Container" and "Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on") browser.

Menu - OptionsPrivacy & Security - Cookies and Site Data
I ticked (aka 'checked') the box to "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed"
Then in "Manage Exceptions..." I added the following for "Allow for Session":

  • https:// ssl.google-analytics .com

  • https:// adservice.google .com

  • https:// www. googletagservices .com

  • https:// tpc.googlesyndication .com

  • https:// googleads.g.doubleclick .net

  • https:// pagead2.googlesyndication .com

(Remove spaces if you copy & paste these! Also check that hosts file to REM these out if necessary.)

Just in case it helps someone else...

Edit: Added another URL and included some strategic spaces to prevent the links becoming clickable (grrr!)