Topic: 9x22 - Stairway to Heaven

Blah. Finale next week determines if I even bother with next season.

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Re: 9x22 - Stairway to Heaven

Yeah, couple of last episodes were really weak. Especially the scene from previous ep featuring




I myself come and go as SPN viewer... there are moments when I delete the show from my watchlist, but after some time I watch an old clip and return. smile Season 10 should be the last, but it doesn't look that way since Supernatural is probably the most stable CW show right now (even Vampire Diaries and Arrow have lost viewers this season).



Re: 9x22 - Stairway to Heaven

Ep 22 has been the best in quite a while. I still watch the show every week but more often than not lately, have been coming away disappointed.

Fingers crossed that they put a renewed effort into the show now that Bloodlines has been killed off....