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This used to be one of my my favourite shows....its just been on a steady slide into mediocrity. I couldn't even finish season 6 (I think it was) it just seems a chore to slog through.


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I'm at the point of not watching Supergirl anymore too, as it's finally cancelled. Now if only Flash would follow suit we might have something. Though I found ep 8.2 to be only run of the mill Flash horrible rather than spectacularly horrible. I attribute this to my horrible meter needing a recalibration after having watched Venom 2 earlier in the day.

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Oh Snap, I knew it was <CENSORED>

This was actually a decent episode, I even watched it at normal speed  cool



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You notice the stealth retcon to Atlanta for BL? Makes sense since Freeland seemed to exist in some pocket universe with only one city, its weird outskirts, a US gov't that doesn't defend its territory and Markovia.