Topic: last couple of episodes....thoughts

personally i think they have gone back to being really high standard... dunno whether its coz there is gonna be a Season 7, and they needed to keep their audience..... whatever it is.... hope it keeps

best 20mins on tv !!!

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Re: last couple of episodes....thoughts

I thought season 6 was the last has Zack Braff didnt want to be in it anymore.


"It was rumored that in August 2006, Braff announced that he wanted to concentrate full-time on his film career and would leave Scrubs at the end of the show's sixth season,[10] although he stated at that time that he would "miss" appearing on the show[1]. As of March, 2007 Braff has signed a one-year deal for a seventh season. If NBC renews Scrubs he will reportedly earn $350,000 per episode, making him one of the highest paid male actors on television,[11][6] alongside "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen. However, Braff claims that these reports "have not been very accurate".[12]"

hmm, guess not

P.S. I thought they have been good


Re: last couple of episodes....thoughts

I'm loving the latest series of Scrubs, as posted before. I think the latest few episodes have been a little weak, the 'moral of the story' style has been getting to me, but still genuinely funny.

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