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OK episode but the new IT guy is annoying... they're trying too hard to introduce more comedic elements.



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It's an attempt at a restart, conflict between Jane and his co-workers, newbish characters to grow and develop, yadda yadda. Could be good for another season, the single cases were always more interesting anyway.


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The network indicates that this may be the last season for Mentalist. The mid-season change up is seen as an attempt to juice the ratings enough to get at least one more season.


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I hope this is the last season.  They should give it an honorable death.  I fear things will just get worse with these new characters.  I'm glad they preserved Cho and Lisbon but Fischer and Abbott?  Blah.  I am reminded of Human Target and how bad it got when they added that lady.  And then it was cancelled.



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All is ok for me with fresh start etc. But why the hell pick Rockmond Dunbar for the head of FBI? He played the con in Prison Break  (and sheriff at SoA). Everytime i see him i only see a man who was trying to escape prison with Scofield. He's like the definition of a con for me. It is a little ironic but i can't get this out of my head.

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