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Too many predictable things happening in this episode (plus it reminded me a lot of White Collar season 4 opener)... it wasn't hard to guess that Jane didn't come across a random tourist and that he would get screwed with the deal. The only really fun part was messing with the drug leader (Watch where you're going you little bastard big_smile).

The promo for the next episode suggests that


he will be working with Lisbon and that Fed chick.

We'll see how it goes from there...



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Everything should be clear in the next episode. It seems like it is a reboot of the series after closing RJ chapter.

I think that Patrick may get his terms though, just will have to prove he can escape them at any time he wishes (he did escape prison before).

I'm surprised he didn't sense her being dishonest. She will probably be a part of the team in the end. Maybe some of the old members drop out (Rigsby and Van Pelt?).
Anyway he clearly didn't want to end up like that old chap in the bar...

This episode wasn't meant to be unpredictable, just an explanation of his motives to come back.



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Yeah, but it was a pretty standard explanation with pretty obvious twists. smile Plus like you've said he was fooled too easily by the FBI lady and he had no problems reading sexy girls in the past, like with Lorelei. smile

I also think they may be thinking of a reboot with Lisbon & Jane as the only people from the old CBI to star in every episode. I'm guessing Cho will be a recurring character and Rigsby & Van Pelt will be guest starts (until they cross paths with a new serial killer :>).



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I really enjoyed it.

As for him not suspecting Kim being an FBI agent....2 years of loneliness in a country where they don't speak your language, then a very pretty girl shows up and is friendly ...I'm sure that could throw the best of us lol.

I agree with Pablo....I really don't think it was supposed to be a "mystery" episode, anyone could see the heroine dealer bit a mile away. I think it was just an explanation of what they have all been doing and how he comes back to working cases again.

Could also be why they chose to wrap up Red John mid season ... if that was the season opener for the next season  after a significant break they might have lost viewers, better to get the "details" out of the way and reboot the series mid season....quite clever imo.


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Yeah, the "beautiful girl sent to wrap hero around her finger and dull his senses" was too obvious and i was also disapointed at first, but as you said, after two years, who knows.
But also, i thought that his surprise seemed pretty fake and he regained his poise very fast, so this could be either bad acting, or maybe he saw through the ploy again, as he also seemed pretty sure that he'd get his terms.

So, either below par acting or he does indeed have sth. up his sleeve..


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I do believe that he knew about the hot fbi-chick... It's all going according to his plans smile


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Ineed, this smacks of Jane playing chess with the script again.


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Lisbon seems really weird in this new setting. I don't understand what she's supposed to be.