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"[Gurm] conceded that internet speculation and conspiracy theories abound about how the story will unravel – but that did not influence him, even though he had been dropping clues along the way. "I've been planting all these clues that the butler did it, then you're halfway through a series and suddenly thousands of people have figured out that the butler did it, and then you say the chambermaid did it? No, you can't do that."

http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/a … es-gay-sex

this is very reassuring I think, since some people speculated that he'd change something that many people figured out too easily in the first book.


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Predictions for TWOW


Sansa will seduce Petyr of her own will and they will become lovers. The last time they kissed they kissed "for a long time", and she didn't dislike it, she blushed. She's basically been thinking about sex all day (conjecture, admittedly) and then Petyr's there telling her she's the true heir of the Vale after Harry, whom she doesn't like, and, Sansa being a player now, will make it her plan to get Winterfell, the Vale, and Petyr in a series of swift moves. Which, in turn, was Petyrs plan all along. And it will succeed, and it will be worthless when they truly understand the greater threat looming over them.


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Gwendoline was an amazing guest @ Craig's show... she even left some lipstick on him. lol Fast-forward to ~28 minute mark if you don't want to watch the whole thing.