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[url]Trophy Wife[/url] - They say the third time's the charm - and reformed party girl Kate is hoping that's true when she becomes Pete's third wife.

I have watched the first couple episodes of Trophy Wife. I honestly wonder who comes up with these pathetic sitcoms. I expected it to the go the way of We are Men which was canceled after only two episodes.

I'm so frustrated by all the lousy shows when programs I enjoy like Bomb Girls and The Glades are canceled.

I'm interested in the opinions of others. What do you think of Trophy Wife?

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Watched the pilot, reaaaaly tried to like because of Bradley and Malin in the cast, but I didn't. It's kinda like Suburgatory but much worse.



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Picked up for a full season and decent ratings, must have quite a few fans.


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AnneLee wrote:

What do you think of Trophy Wife?

I think that Trophy Wife is funny above average and The Glades women nurse character was annoying smile