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Ok so that was EPIC though the whole ''who's gonna take the cure'' thing I saw coming around halfway through the episode smile




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The ending made no sense. I could believe Silas was the original Elena and Kat's doppelganger, but for it to be Stefan makes no sense. I get that it makes a better story and it saves Nina from having to play three characters, but I just don't know how their going to make it fit the narrative.

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I'm currently trying to catch up (two episodes of the new season to go) and yeah I must admit that cliffhanger was totally out of the blue. It would be so much better if Nina was to play three characters from now on.

I liked the cure storyline conclusion, but I would like a clarification if Katherine can be turned into a vampire again by someone else??

Btw why didn't Jenna and Vicky appear in the final episodes along with the rest? wink

PS. The episode used to promote the Originals spinoff was so boring I'm not even going to bother with that show, even though the New Orleans setting looked very nice.



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The Silas thing still makes little sense besides giving Paul the ability to play a bad character which he is always going on about wanting to do. The Kat thing is explained.

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Yep. smile

Both new episodes were pretty mediocre (the college storyline is dull), but TVD has seen (a lot) worse.

PS. And what are Polish gypsies doing in the show? big_smile (Silas said "Answer me" in Polish when he was "scanning" Matt).



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Maybe looking for sausage.