Topic: Castle 5x17

Good and fun watch as usual but this season is starting to get wasted as far as I'm concerned.

Writers are either completly out of ideas or are trying to make some sort of concept of "Let's rip off various movies and shows and make them the Castle way".

It works a few times but when you get in the same season and 2 consecutive ones (last 2)

Galaxy Quest The Castle way (add it after all the next ones)
American Idol
The Ring
(That's not counting the ones I don't even remember from past seasons).

It is still fun but not getting any better...

... or anywhere really. Dunno...

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Re: Castle 5x17

This episode was pretty much the same as the rest of "supernatural" ones this show has had... so Castle immediately believed it in the whole thing and the rest was trying not to believe and remain professional. tongue I had fun watching it, but it wasn't anything special.



Re: Castle 5x17

i Think after 5 seasons, we have to accept we wont se much new ideas and enjoy it for what it is, i certanly do.

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