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well again an episode that wasn`t that funny .... but i realy liked that one  smile



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This emo-Jeff storyline is pissing me to the maxx! Did they really need to show how he has cut himself when he was a kid? I mean seriously we got it before already that UNDERNEATH that coolness was a broken individual. This is not the Jeff of previous seasons!

And how about that Shawshank/Prison Break thing? HEY PEOPLE WE ARE DOING A SHAWSHANK REFERENCE HERE, GET IT? OH IT'S NOW A PRISON BREAK REFERENCE, GET IT? The network must have ordered the new writers to dumb it down to gain more ratings, but they not only failed to gain new fans, they are also loosing the current fan base. I hate it  how my favorite comedy, who used to outsmart and out quote me, is now underestemating me. I hope they cancel it after this season and netflix comes and hires Dan Harmon and the team to continue it there. Fuck you NBC!


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I was disappointed, because I was looking forward to a CHANGnesia episode...


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I think it was a nice one, not like first and second season, but definitely better tahtn the previous episodes of the third. I hope they keep this direction


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Yeah, it was really really bad...Britta being taken seriously, and Jeff being emo, and Pierce being witty and not hilarious and offensive at it, and, and, and....yeah, I hope they cancel it too.

Joel McHale sucks too much at acting to play an emo character also...



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It's like he'd given up. sad



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Yeah that was mostly awful. Shame  sad