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American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior


This is what I see when I look up American Choppers

The Last Build 
Date:     Mon Dec 03, 2012
Season:     4
Number:     14

Sorry, no information is available about the next episode of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. The TV show is either in vacation or waiting to start their new season.

When information about future episodes becomes available, it will be posted here.

If you have any information regarding the next season or episode of "American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior", please send it to us through the feedback form so we can add it here.

YET I see a new show called " American Chopper Senior vs Junior S04 Special Road To Revenge " on the web.

Anyone know what's up?


Re: American Chopper

It's a special episode and thusly not showing on the site?

...where did I put that rat's ass I could give?

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