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Very good episode, but what I'm most interested in at the moment is how the hell are they planning to make another season, because everything is slowly ending. smile Should be an interesting finale next week.



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The thing with the soldier being left alone with Carrie and not communicating with his squad BEFORE entering the hidden den, that was really bad.

Besides, goodie.



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Yeah indeed good episode and i wonder how they are going to make a third season with nazir dead. Maybe Brody running from the CIA ? It would be bad..Anyway lets see what happens at the finale.

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They have been hinting from the beginning that Saul is involved in something. With the failed lie detector test first try in season one and some other events. I would think that season 3 would be about that plot line unfolding.

In general it seems like season 2 have had more stupid errors in it. Still a good show though


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In a move reminiscent of "24" the plot now goes from chasing down bad guys to dealing with rogue good guys (the illegal death squad within the CIA).