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Topic: 2x10

Is it just me or has the quality of the writing in this show rapidly drop? Abu Nazir finding out about the vice president's pacemaker's serial number from the newspaper? And it gets hacked wireless? Oh, and Abu Nazir kidnapping a CIA agent in a crowded city?

PS. Please kill Kim B... ekhm... I mean Dana. wink



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It's like "24"; uneven. Hmmm, I wonder why. Would be cool if they could get Keifer Sutherland to do a guest bit.


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JAJAJA, Jack Bauer! that would certainly turn it into spy-soap-opera, like 24 in the last 4 seasons

They almost kill Brody, and after that they let him go with no one tailing him?

And he goes to see the VP and no-one in the CIA knows or rises an eyebrow? Shouldn't the secret service be just outside the office door?

Not to mention that Nazhir call him to his cell , should't it be monitored?

maybe, they hired the 24 writers to spoil the show.


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egoros wrote:

maybe, they hired the 24 writers to spoil the show.

Newsflash, the show was created by them.



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Jjajajaj the joke's on me!!!!

(i should also read the series credits)

they are improving themselves... They needed just 22 episodes to spoil it instead of 72 (3x24) they took on 24.