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jojen and mira reed are in this season:D

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Nice to see some of the actors coming into this new season. I also heard Ciaran Hinds will be playing Mance Rayder. He might be a little to old but if he does as well as he did with Caesar in Rome i will be happy.

Diana Rigg seems so nice but she is an amazing actress and i think she will be able to do the role of Queen of Thorns. I predict her to be up for an Emmy nomination at some point.

I still havent seen anything about who will play the Martells. They might want to hold of introducing some of them till season 4 or 5. Oberyn Martell should be in season 3 but with some things already being pushed back from book 2 to season 3 of the show they might have a plan to wait with Oberyn as well.

I am very excited to see the build up starting for season 3

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All the actors match the characters as i have imagined them (well except thoros of myr hehe). Nice work casting them for GoT team. And yeah i think the Martells will not come out yet cuz i think this season will be only the 1st part of the third book.

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Re: new cast members

I saw an old talkshow episode with Cersei on it.
Lena Headey is such a wonderful person in real life.

Made me think about the cast for the new season.

Three roles are being recast.
Ser Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain (that rides) is being played by an icelandic strongman. He is tall and strong but can he act and be mean?
They also replaced the actor playing Daario Naharis and the young Tommen. I hope that will not be confusing. Especially Daario could be confusing but hopefully it will work out. He seem to be a stronger actor than the old one even if I havent watched Treme or any of his other work. We havent seen Tommen much and maybe he has grown up to much so they felt they could change him for this season.

Only person among the new cast I know is Roger Ashton-Griffiths who will play Mace Tyrell.
The other new roles seems to be mostly filled by actors who are not that well known yet. They have done good with actors like that in the past even if there are normally some big names coming in every season but since it is part 2 of season 3 that might be why it went that way.

Maybe someone who knows more about some of the other new cast can give their input.

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This will be the third Mountain then?

Re: new cast members

Yes this would be the third mountain

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drizzel wrote:

but can he act and be mean?

there is acting in this series? i thought only the cast of Imp has to act. the rest is just somewhat resembling of an actor.

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