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So pleased to see it back  smile



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Thought it could have been better to be honest. I wish it was more focused on the main cast and not the back story wrap-up of last season's finale that had a weird ending.


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can anybody explain to me what the hell the priest was doing in the end?
Turning them all? Killing them all to seek attention? Or was he compelled to do it?


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i guess it will be explained later, i think he was killing them all, so they can come back as ghosts to fight the vampires, or something like that.

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http://tvline.com/2012/10/11/vampire-di … ulie-plec/

Honestly I think it's just piss poor writing to fix Alric outing everyone.


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They didnt do what Rwings wanted so they should all be executed!

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That post makes no sense unless your reading something more into what I said than I actually said. I think killing off everyone who knew about The Vampires in one episode is poor writing. What's the point of outing everyone if it's all taken back in one episode. I've stated it before that the writing devise I hate the most is when people lose their memory's of something that happened. The second being body swaps, but that's neither here nor there.

Also since it was three season's in the making I wanted the episode were Elena changed to be more focused on the main cast in their reactions with it. I just thought based on how much I been enjoying the show that the premier could have been a lot better than it was. I didn't like the episode, others did and that fine, but I'm going to explain why I didn't.


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I have to say: I was really pissed during the whole episode because I was sure that they would find some obscure way to prevent Elena from turning. I was so sure that I was contemplating turning off the episode and removing the show from my watchlist. I'm so pleased to be wrong!


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The one moment I did like was when she charged Damon and the first look of her being a vampire. The fact we didn't see her struggle with becoming a vampire after all the talk about it being the last thing she wanted just seem weird to me.

I guess going into this episode I expected her to struggle against it, but to finally become one in order to save Jeramey's life. Since in my mind that's the only way I could have seen the character accept becoming a vampire. Rather than her enemy and boyfriend converging to kill a guy and then her drinking his blood. That just in my mind is not how I saw the change happening.

I mean had it been Kat I could totally see that scene playing out just like it did, but Elena for three season has been nothing but a martyr trying to sacrifice herself to save everyone.  Then again she got over hey boyfriend spending an entire summer killing people so maybe. I guess it's safe to say I am probably reading way to much into this show, but it's one of the few shows I really enjoyed last season.


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Mediocre episode for a premiere and i think im kind with mediocre. Anyway i hope they came up with a good plotline this season.

P.S.: Wtf @ Final scene

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